Governance arrangements for YGAM

As an independent national charity, YGAM is registered with and regulated by the UK Charity Commission for England and Wales. Our UK registered charity number is 1162425. To promote transparency and following best practice guidance from the UK Charity Commission, YGAM will publish key internal governance documents on this part of our website.

YGAM has a membership of totally independent trustees (independent from the gambling & gaming sector).

Trustee Register of Interests

YGAM will maintain and publish an up to date register of interests for trustees. The register as below is correct as from 10 April 2018.

Charity Trustee / Non-Executive Director Interest Nature of Business Nature of Interest Likely to deal with YGAM
Rachel Jones None      
Ayub Khan None      
Mike Wojcik None      
Anna Small None      
Gabriella Tamas None      

Trustee Handbook

The Board of Trustees have agreed to publish our trustee handbook which contains four principle sections:

  • Code of conduct for YGAM Trustees
  • YGAM Trustee Behavioral Framework
  • Individual YGAM Trustee Development review
  • Recruitment Strategy for recruiting new YGAM Trustees

Our handbook can be viewed and downloaded as below.

Download Trustee Handbook