Bronze Supporters

YGAM does not seek to influence the way that gambling is regulated in Great Britain; we believe that is a function of the regulator, the UK Gambling Commission. As an official charity, registered with the UK Charity Commission, YGAM relies on voluntary funding in order to fulfil its social purpose. We actively seek funding from parties who share our concerns and our ambitions, including charitable trusts & foundations, the gambling industry and private individuals.

In this section of the website we are delighted to showcase our bronze supporters and we are incredibly proud to be working with each and every one of them. In order to become a bronze supporter, each organisation has pledged to work with YGAM and support our social purpose by (i) providing their support and expertise through pro-bono employee volunteering or (ii) pledged a financial contribution to the work of YGAM to the value of £9,999 or under.

Bronze Supporters

Aspers Casino | Partners of YGAM

Aspers Casino

Newham Borough Council | Partners of YGAM

Newham Borough Council

Ropes & Gray | Partners of YGAM

Ropes & Gray

Pearson | Partners of YGAM


Clarion Events | Partners of YGAM

Clarion Events

Business in the Community | Partners of YGAM

Business in the Community

Asdan | Partners of YGAM


UnLtd Award Winner | Partners of YGAM


Peridot | Partners of YGAM

Peridot Partners

Thomson Reuters Foundation | Partners of YGAM

Thomson Reuters Foundation

Ernst & Young | Partners of YGAM

Ernst & Young

Technology Trust | Partners of YGAM

Technology Trust

Gamevy | Partners of YGAM


Unibet | Partners of YGAM


McGrath Charitable Trust | Partners of YGAM

McGrath Charitable Fund

Dulwich Hamlet FC | Partners of YGAM

Dulwich Hamlet FC

Staffline Group Plc | Partners of YGAM

Staffline Group Plc

Worshipful Company of the Makers of Playing Cards | Partners of YGAM

Worshipful Company of the Makers of Playing Cards

The C Paul Thackray General Charitable Trust | Partners of YGAM

The C Paul Thackray General Charitable Trust

CallCredit | Partners of YGAM


Rank Group | Partners of YGAM

Rank Group

Rotary Club of Wakefield | Partners of YGAM

Rotary Club of Wakefield

Silcock Leisure Group | Partners of YGAM

Silcock Leisure Group

Praesepe PLC | Partners of YGAM

Praesepe PLC

White Hat Gaming | Partners of YGAM

White Hat Gaming

Project Games | Partners of YGAM

Project Games

MoPlay | Partners of YGAM


Videoslots | Partners of YGAM


Ivor Thomas | Partners of YGAM

Ivor Thomas

Why should you consider supporting YGAM?

Discharge licensee's obligations

Social responsibility code provision 3.1.1: Licensees must make an annual financial contribution to one or more organisation(s) which between them provide research into the prevention and treatment of gambling-related harm; develop harm prevention approaches and identify and fund treatment to those harmed by gambling. A donation to YGAM would allow licensees to discharge this responsibility, particularly around the second point of harm prevention.

Raise local awareness of your Corporate Social Responsibility

Operators who have a geographical focus / retail presence in Greater London, South East England or the North East may consider a collaboration with YGAM mutually beneficially, as a vehicle to further raise awareness of your corporate social responsibility work in the local communities in which you operate and generate some positive local media. YGAM can help your staff to plan a fundraising event in your local community to raise funds for YGAM.

Support YGAM


Support Us

Naturally YGAM would welcome unrestricted or undesignated donations as these types are the most difficult to secure for charities. However, our board of trustees has looked at the needs of YGAM over the next 12 months and have created two specific projects, per tier, that we urgently are seeking funding for.

Here is a list of things operators will get if they support YGAM

  • YGAM Certificate: a high quality thank you certificate, operators can display on their premises / corporate website.
  • Trade Press: Recognition in trade press.
  • Gambling Commission return: a letter from YGAM outlining the impact of the operator’s donation.
  • YGAM Annual Review: positioning & case study in our formal annual review.
  • Attend workshops: colleagues from the operators are invited to attend a workshop or YGAM event.
  • Employee volunteering opportunities: opportunity for operator employees to volunteer for specific pieces of work within YGAM.
  • Silver / Gold supporters will get their own page on the YGAM website.

Support a newly registered charity

YGAM is keen to collaborate with Charitable Trusts & Foundations that share our vision around minimising gambling-related harm among young people. YGAM occupies a unique space in the fact we are not in a saturated market and are only one of a tiny handful of registered charities doing any purposeful work in this area. There is no other registered charity in the UK that has a principle focus on minimising gambling-related harm, through education.

YGAM will make a small number of high quality applications to Charitable Trusts & Foundations during 2017.